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Your customer-centric partner to build an effective customer support and improve sales engagement operations.

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IUConnect is designed to enhance call centers productivity by providing a full range of required possibilities. Efficient monitoring, managing, and routing of tasks, reduced wait-time and increased number of tasks handled by each agent, helpful and intelligent interactions to improve customer engagement and loyalty; sales acceleration and new revenue opportunities; everything you want to get from contact center experience, you can get within the IUConnect platform. Take your time, set up your goals, plan what you expect from your customer care and go ahead with IUConnect.

Whether you are a smaller business or enterprise scale - you can have full contact center functionality deployed on

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud.

Have inbound, outbound and automated call centers in one place. Design you IVR menu with customized greetings and direct your callers to the most appropriate agent or department. Use the reporting tools to analyze data and performance (KPI) from any defined time point in the past in order to make staffing and scheduling decisions. Monitor the service level, number of calls in queue, average abandonment time, longest wait time and other metrics giving you important insights on your agents’ performance. Become more productive by supporting you customer care team with powerful tools to close tickets faster and ensure customer satisfaction.

All the features and services you are looking in a contact center are combined in a single unified platform.


Customer Engagement
on All Platforms

Choose omnichannel communication to engage your customers across all touchpoints such as text, voice and social media and switch between them effortlessly.

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Customize IUConnect to your business needs and enhance your customer support

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Set-up your Basic call center for handling calls, collecting, managing and analyzing your customers' data in just a few steps

Up to 3 Agents

Inbound CallCenter*
Reporting & Analytics*
Quality Management*
CX enhancement*


Get Standard Contact Center with competitive functionality that can be easily fitted to your business processes.

Up to 10 Agents

Inbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center*
Digital Channel*
Reporting & Analytics*
Quality Management*
Business Process Automation*
CX enhancement*


Excell your customers' experience, enhance quality of your service and accelerate your sales through Enterprise contact center.

Up to 20 Agents

Inbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center*
Digital Channel
Reporting & Analytics*
CRM Integration*
Quality Management*
Business Process Automation*
CX enhancement*


Customized multi-channel contact center to tackle all aspects of customer service in one solution.

Custom Unlimited agents

Inbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center
Digital Channel
Reporting & Analytics
CRM Integration
Quality Management
Business Process Automation
CX enhancement

Customer care on safe distance

In response to coronavirus pandemic IUconnect is offering 2 months of free exceptional and safe customer experience.


After a small test, we implemented IUConnect and had a great experience of call tracking before WCIT. In case of dynamic outbound calls every day and follow-up schedules, IUconnect seems quite well suited. Another point that is not less important is sales performance. And of course, the support was on a very high level.


With IUConnect we have whatever we need in the portal; system stability, voice quality, ease of use, responsive and experienced support team.


The ability to customize the system that meets our needs was a huge reason to choose IUConnect, and it works exactly as promised. It is full-featured and allows us to accomplish our goals more effectively. Having a lot of offices throughout Armenia, with IUConnect we transform the whole communication management process into one integrated platform.


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